We would like to thank everyone who attended our Birthday Party and made it a memorable night of fun and celebration.

It was amazing to meet you all and share smiling moments together. We are sorry about the ones who couldn’t join the event, but they were with us anyway.


The theme of the party

The theme of the party The theme of the party

During our first 10 years, many things happened, and many things changed. We grew in number, moved from Bioggio to Stabio, extended our offices and received awards and certifications. But there is something that has never changed, and that’s our young and genuine spirit.

You can feel it in the way we relate to our customers, in the air you breathe in our offices and in our essential approach to creating digital solutions.

Everything has remained consistent with our founding values, and our mission is to keep it that way forever.

In their own words

In their own words In their own words

Carlo and Marco, founders of SNCE, recall 10 years of success from the very first steps in the small offices in Bioggio to the current organisation in Stabio.

A wonderful adventure made of challenges, highlights, changes and victories. Always with the same amount of human values and an even bigger multi-skilled team.

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The location

The location The location

To let the young and fun spirit of the party come alive to the full, we chose a themed 1,200 m2 space that could offer many enjoyable attractions and unique taste experiences from all over the world. To sum it up, there were:

  • An ice cream corner and a candyfloss booth
  • The popcorn and the candy cart
  • Two open bars with a motobar
  • An American BBQ serving hamburgers and hotdogs
  • A stall with Ticino specialities
  • A true Italian pizza experience
  • The Asian food and the poke Bowl trucks
  • The table football and the darts
  • A punching ball and a hammer machine
  • The original Pac-Man arcade
  • The pinball machine
  • The ping pong table and a high-speed track racing
  • The photobooth

And many, many others

Party by numbers

beers and cocktails drunk
ping pong matches played
hamburgers enjoyed with gusto
1 pizza
out of the oven every minute
best score at the punching ball machine (anonymous author)
+ 300
guests from all over the world
+ 20
vintage games to have fun like a kid
+ 40
different dishes from the trucks
+ 1.200 m2
full of surprises around any corner
types of candies to please even the sweetest tooth

Best party moments

All the pictures from our majestic
Selfie Mirror!

Surplus food has been donated to “Fondazione Francesco – Centro Bethlehem”. The foundation is led by Fra Martino Dotta for over thirty years. It helps vulnerable populations give support with food, toilet, luggage storage and social activities.

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